Making my home in Phoenix, Arizona, I have had a 40+ years love affair with photography. I started printing my own black and white prints as an 8th grader in elementary school and have, at various times since, worked as a freelance photographer, aerial photographer, forensics photographer, and as a custom darkroom technician for many professional photo labs in the Southwest. My photography career has been fulfilling and quite varied.


Currently I am a customer support specialist for a health insurance company and I am a staff member of the Nature Photographers Network Online Magazine.

Recently I have turned my attention to photomicrography. What a rich micro-universe there exists! I have restored a 1960's Nikon S-K microscope and upgraded the optics and now I spend hours enthralled with the views through my microscope. I have photographed everything from amoebae to micro-crystals. There is an endless abundance of subjects of which I never tire. I am currently engaged in self-publishing a calendar of my favorite micro-crystals. You can view more of my photomicrographs at On Closer Inspection.

--Tom Webster--



  • 1960's vintage Nikon S-Ke microscope with tungsten Kohler illumination.
  • LOMO Plan- and Flat-Field achromatic objective lenses in 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x powers.
  • LOMO 10x Q-Plan achromatic objective lens.
  • Leitz 100x oil immersion achromatic objective lens.
  • Zeiss 2.5x Plan-Achromatic objective lens.
  • Nikon 4x Plan-Achromatic objective lens.
  • LOMO and Nikon 10x and 15x compensating eyepieces for visual observation.
  • Aus Jena 5x corrected projection ocular for photography.
  • Olympus 5x corrected projection ocular for photography.
  • Olympus 3.3x corrected projection ocular for photography.
  • Olympus 2.5x corrected projection ocular for photography.
  • Nikon 2.5x corrected projection ocular for photography.

Mounted on an enlarger stand:

  • Canon EOS A2E 35mm film camera.
  • Canon FD Auto Macro Bellows.
  • Canon FD microscope adapter.
  • Canon Right-Angle Finder B.
  • Canon BP-5 external battery pack.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • 2 linear polarizing filters.
  • 82A, -B, or-C filters as needed for color correction.
  • 1 Nikon green microscopy filter for black and white photography.
  • 10' long air cable release.
  • Various ISO 100 and ISO 200 print film emulsions by Fuji and Kodak.
  • Sunpak Auto 355TTL flash converted for photomicrography.
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